Masons Square & Compass Enlightened Stamp

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  • Masons Square & Compass Enlightened Stamp

Masons Square & Compass Enlightened Stamp

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This is a Masons square & Compass stamp, featuring the traditional style with added details to make this stamp stand out in your work.

Please note: All stamp requires a 1/8" boundary around the design to cut out the stamp from the stock, so if you order a stamp at 2" you will need to order the 2"-3" range to have a design that comes out to 2". 

Our press stamps are made from 1/2" thick Acetal Delrin with a pressure rating of 9,000 lbs. Per Sq. Inch of tensile strength. Each stamp is tested in the workshop 1.25-ton hand press over ten times to make sure there are no issues with small features, and minuscule details are programmed to contain small ramps lower on the elements to add longevity to the stamps.

To start the process of getting your stamp custom made, please follow the instruction below. 

1. Fill out the Custom Order Form: HERE

2. Once we have provided you with a computer proof of your design and you have decided the size you would like to order; we will ask you to come back to this item and purchase the appropriate size for your stamp.

3. Once payment is made, expect that we will get your stamp done in 2-3 business days, unless you have pre-approved with us a rush order, in which case, you will need to add a Rush Option to your item. Rush orders will be done immediately, and if done before 2 PM PST should be shipped the same day.

4. Receive you brand new custom stamp and get to work or play, whichever it may be.

 **If you are interested in a stamp that is larger than 4" please contact us as there will need to be special considerations made for adding support plates to the top of the stamp, so you get an even impression.** 

Please make sure to read our FAQ on what range to order your stamp in.


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