The Six Elements Workshop has a standard of operation that makes a promise to all our customers and our community that we will only use consumable materials that are required. In some cases, such as while creating bath products that if dropped would cause a health concern from broken glass, or in the production of some products that require plastic or aerosol sprays, we will use possibly harmful materials to our environment.

We take our footprint and our impact on the environment seriously, though, going so far as to re-using packaging, creating packaging in-house, and making sure our raw materials that are ethically traded and from organic sources. We will not use GMO products; we will not use products that have excessive preservatives or any by-products that could cause harm.

If ever you have a question about our products, or if you would like to suggest alternatives that may educate us to a new form of practice, we would love to hear from you.

The answer is dependent on the material needed; however, we do have high standards for where we get our materials.

First, we attempt to find local businesses that can fulfill our requirements. Local sourcing is of importance to us because growing the local community is paramount to our success.

What we are looking for in most cases is a smaller company, that guarantees quality, that sources their materials in the same way, and that does business ethically concerning the environment and the community of which they are a part.

Yes, on many products there will be bulk discounts offered. We will state that discount pricing is available on items that qualify on the products information page.

The only products that we will not be offering a discount for are some of the more custom leather items that we make per order. These take a significant amount of time so will often carry a base price, though we do encourage you to order as many as you need. If you are a repeat customer, we suggest you contact us about setting up reoccurring orders; we can often work out a discount based on repeat business.

Yes, many of the items that the workshop sells can be etched. 

If you would like a monogram, name, quotes, or even small images etched into your items, we can handle this for you.

All products that have the option to have laser etching done on them will have a custom option during purchase. After purchasing, make sure to fill out the custom order form so we can get your item personalized before sending it out.

You can visit our Custom Order Form directly and let us know what you are looking for in your message. We will communicate with you about your needs, then when our conversation has concluded we will send you an invoice and get you your item. Or you can purchase an item and choose the "custom" option at check out, once your pruchase is complete we will contact you to inquire about your needs. 


We attempt to get all items out and on the way to you within 1-2 business days. Often we can get items that are in stock out by the end of business the following day.

For custom items, this will vary by complexity, material availability and size of order.

If at any time there is a delay we think you should know about, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know about the adjusted ETA of your items.

Yes, you can place orders on our website and expect to receive them if you are an international customer.

Some items that we make in the workshop may be prohibitive due to costs and customs related issues, so please be aware of the laws governing your area and what you can expect to receive without issue from the US. We can not be held liable for refund if your items are confiscated by your local government.

The workshop is earth conscious and finds that if the product makes it to the customer in new condition the exterior box for shipping really doesn’t play into the quality of the item(s).

We try to re-use any boxes we receive materials in, try to use any packaging that contains plastics, multiple times, and do this all so we can sustain our planet for future generations of makers and customers.

To this date we have re-used 98% of our packing materials and have only used 2% in new materials. 


Absolutely. We have entrusted out store to a top-rated and very secure backend for order processing and payment information. We force a secure layer on our site and when purchasing our website is as secure as a bank. 

For each item in the shopwe include a long description of the item, please make sure to read this first.

If you still don’t find what you are looking for, contact us using the contact page, or by calling us using our provided information. We will be happy to answer any further inquiry.

Our workshop is licensed for business in Washington State.

Because of the requirement of Washington State, all order placed for addresses inside of the state are subject to sales tax.

If you are outside of the state, you should not see sales tax applied, unless there is a state mandate to collect tax on the sale of that particular item.

When ordering stamps, make sure that you order the stamp in the range that you need for the stap size you require. Typically we only do stamps in the 1/4" increment to save time on design work. If you are ordering a stamp with a whole 1" increment you should order in the next size range UP. So if ordering a 3 inch stamp, you should choose 3"-4" rather than 2"-3" because the machining process inherently adds 1/8" to the materiel for border margins of waste.