All of the leather dyes offered in the workshop are made from non-toxic bases. They include water-based, acrylic based, and alcohol-based varients. 

We recommend that if choosing a color for a piece that will be tooled you choose an antique water-based dye as it will bring out the tooling done on the project. Acrylic based or Cova Colors will sit on top of the leather and will be more sensitive to abuse, these are not intended for full item coverage but should be referred to when choosing the color of a design aspect or accent of a piece. Lastly, the alcohol-based dyes will leave a more even finish on the leather and will soak in and dry in a more distressed pattern on the leather. 


The primary thread used in the workshop is called Tiger thread, it is a highly-durable thread and is known for its right coloring and weaved design. We also use artificial sinew for some designs and can even provide black kevlar thread for an additional cost. Kevlar thread is very high strength and is used for high use items. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our dyes or thread.