Since the winter of 2012, the Six Elements Workshop has been exploring many different works in artisanry and engineering. We have studied in current and old world methods of producing items that are functional while remaining one of a kind and enjoyable to the soul.

The Six Elements Workshop was founded on an understanding of the nature and the spiritual perception of the world around us, an interpretation that we are beings, part of a more extensive system and a consciousness that is shared by all earthlings.

We embrace the four primary elements, earth, air, fire and water to create our products while devoting the other two elements of time and spirit into making these items for our community.

Dagger Lake

We have a goal for our future we are working toward through our hard work and optimism.

The workshop is currently run out of a home and is family operated. We would like to be successful enough to hire more people to help us make great products. Once we have reached our goals to be profitable, we will be purchasing land, where we can eventually build a community for travelers and guests, while hosting summer camps and classes, creating a place where all aspects our craftsmanship can have a place.

We have dreams of expanding to blacksmithing, co-op farming, animal husbandry, and other projects, that right now, we just can't accomplish in a residential neighborhood. If you would like to learn more about our progress follow our news posts, in time we will be including a page that will outline our progress toward these goals.

Thank you for your support and interest in our dreams.