Thing are things, make this one for you.

Thing are things, make this one for you.

In a world of fast food, box stores, 1 of 1.3 million and everyone running around with the same thing, with a different case to add personality, we want to say, enough is enough.

All of the items that we make in the workshop are not mass produced, we don't settle and are always looking to create something new and unique that you won't see anywhere else. Make something personal, organic, or helpful you artists that want to go outside and see something fresh and new.

So we want to invite you to personalize, get creative and ask us about things that you don't see in our store, or on our page yet. We want to offer a product that can be twisted in every way to make it just for you.

If you ever see something that we offer, that you want to put your name on, a quote on, a different graphic or image on, ask! If you want it to be tweaked in such a way that it would fit your vision of what you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us about getting it done. We don't have never wanted to be a shop that only offers what you see because like life, we are just too mysterious for that. We encourage everyone to let your creative juices flow, and we want to facilitate the manufacture of your ideas.

At the workshop, we have worked to become efficient fabricators. We can often throw down design changes with ease, come up with new ways of coming at items or ideas, and thrive on being challenged, so I say, let us have it. Let's come up with some personalized awesome just for you or a loved one, a friend maybe, or a co-worker.

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