New website redesign and storefront

New website redesign and storefront

As of January, we are developing a new more clean and to the point website and storefront. We hope that this allows for people to get to what they need and explore the possibilities of the workshop in a new way. 

Currently, we are working to get the word out about the workshop, so any help you would like to lend is much appreciated, as we think we have something pretty unique to offer the community and you, our customers. 

We will tackle any project, tell you what we can do for you and given our tooling and software knowledge don't think there is a job we couldn't handle. We thrive on figuring it out and delivering something you always wanted. 

If you find anything quirky or off about our new website, please bring it to our attention, if it wasn't purpose built that way or if our site is doing something unintentionally, we want to fix it. 

Thanks again and keep a lookout for new products, new lines of service, and new adventures in 2018. We think this year will be a great one and want to share lots of new things here. 


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